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A Noble Task: The Saint Paul Public Library Celebrates 125! by Biloine W. Young. ISBN: 978-1-890434-72-4. $40 OUT OF STOCK
A Place at the Lake by Paul Clifford Larson. ISBN: 978-1-890434-05-2. $45
A Trio of Holiday Books by Bill Holm, Jon Hassler, and Berth L. Heilbron. $75
Alone with the Past: The Life and Photographic Art of ROLAND W. REED by Ernest Lawrence. ISBN: 978-1-890434-84-7. $45 OUT OF STOCK
American Ruins (SC): Ghosts on the Landscape by Maxwell MacKenzie. ISBN: 978-1-890434-41-0. $24.95
An Adolescent’s Christmas (HC): 1944 by Carol Bly. ISBN: 978-1-890434-18-2. $15 
An Adolescent’s Christmas: 1944, Special Edition. ISBN: 978-1-890434-20-5. $150
Banking in the Great Northern Territory: An Illustrated History by George Richard Slade. ISBN: 978-1-890434-66-3. $35
Cass Gilbert Abroad: A Young Architect’s European Tour by Paul Clifford Larson. ISBN: 978-1-890434-51-9. $32 OUT OF STOCK
Changemaker by W. Harry Davis. ISBN: 978-1-890434-60-1. $17.95
Christmas & New Years on the Minnesota Frontier by Bertha Heilbron. ISBN: 978-0-9639338-9-8. $23
Christmas on West Seventh Street by Jerry Fearing. ISBN: 978-1-890434-31-1. $15 OUT OF STOCK
Days Like Smoke: A Minnesota Boyhood by Jon Hassler. ISBN: 978-1-7361021-1-4. $22.95
Death of the Dream (HC): Farmhouses in the Heartland by William G. Gabler. ISBN: 978-1-890434-00-7. $35 OUT OF STOCK
Eastman Johnson’s Lake Superior Indians by Patricia Condon Johnston. ISBN: 0-942934-30-X. $12.95 OUT OF STOCK
Faces of Christmas Past (HC) by Bill Holm. ISBN: 978-1-890434-02-1. $15
For All the Saints: St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church by James E. Frazier. ISBN: 978-1-890434-86-1. $40 OUT OF STOCK
Gilbert Munger: Quest for Distinction by Michael D. Schroeder and J. Gray Sweeney. ISBN: 978-1-890434-57-1. $40
Grand Excursion: Antebellum America Discovers the Upper Mississippi by Steven J. Keillor. ISBN: 978-1-890434-63-2. $28
Hazel Belvo: A Matriarch of Art by Julie L’Enfant. ISBN: 978-1-890434-95-3. $49.95
Icy Pleasures: Minnesota Celebrates Winter by Paul Clifford Larson. ISBN: 978-1-890434-01-4. $19.95 OUT OF PRINT
Inside the Mayo Clinic: A Memoir by John T. Shepherd, M. D.. ISBN: 978-1-890434-61-8. $28
Jewel of Como: The Majorie McNeely Conservatory by Leigh Roethke and Bonnie Blodgett. ISBN: 978-1-890434-79-3. $40 OUT OF STOCK
Keepsakes and Other Stories (HC) by Jon Hassler. ISBN: 978-1-890434-17-5. $29
Keepsakes and Other Stories (special edition). ISBN: 978-1-890434-19-9. $175
Looking North (HC): Royal Canadian Mounted Police Illustrations: The Potlatch Collection by Karal Ann Marling. ISBN: 978-1-890434-54-0. $35 OUT OF STOCK
MacMillan: The American Grain Family: An Illustrated Biography by W. Duncan MacMillan. ISBN: 978-1-890434-04-5. $30
Minnesota Gardens: An Illustrated History by Susan Davis Price. ISBN: 978-1-890434-36-6. $35
Minnesota Modern: Four Artists of the Twentieth Century by Moira Harris, Brian Szott, Ben Gessner. ISBN: 978-1-890434-85-4. $45 OUT OF STOCK
Minnesota’s Capitol: A Centennial Story by Leigh Roethke. ISBN: 978-1-890434-67-0. $24
Minnesota’s Impressionists by Rena Neumann Coen. ISBN: 978-0-9639338-6-7. $35
Minnesota, Hail to Thee! A Sesquicentennial History by Karal Ann Marling. ISBN: 978-1-890434-78-6. $28 OUT OF STOCK
Mississippi Escapade: Reliving the Grand Excursion of 1854 by Paul Clifford Larson and Pamela Allen Larson. ISBN: 978-1-890434-64-9. $17.95
My Heart it is Delicious: The Story of the Center for International Health by Biloine W. Young. ISBN: 978-1-890434-76-2. $35 OUT OF STOCK
Nicholas R. Brewer: His Art and Family (SC), ISBN 978-1-890434-93-9. $29.95
Northern Treasure: The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and Horticultural Research Center by Susan Davis Price and Photographs by John Gregor. ISBN: 978-1-890434-77-9. $40
Ojibwe Waasa Inaabidaa: We Look in All Directions by Thomas Peacock and Marlene Wisuri. ISBN: 978-1-890434-33-5. $39 OUT OF STOCK
Ol’ Man River: Memoirs of a Riverboat Captain, ISBN: 978-1-890434-69-4. $32 OUT OF STOCK
Other Realities: The Art of Paul S. Kramer by Julie L’Enfant. ISBN: 978-1-890434-87-8. $40
Overcoming: The Autobiography of W. Harry Davis by W. Harry Davis. ISBN: 978-1-890434-52-6. $28
Painting the Dakota (SC), ISBN: 978-1-890434-32-8. $14.95
Peoples of the Twilight: European Views of Native Minnesota by Christian F. Feest and Sylvia S. Kasprycki. ISBN: 1-890434-06-X. $125
Persistence of Vision: The Art of Bettye Olson by Julie L’Enfant and Jaden Hansen. Out of Print
Pioneer Modernists: Minnesota’s First Generation of Women Artists by Julie L’Enfant. ISBN: 978-1-890434-83-0. $45 OUT OF STOCK
Ralph Rapson: Sketches and Drawings from Around the World by Ralph Rapson. ISBN: 978-1-890434-49-6. $29.95 OUT OF STOCK
Ralph Rapson: Sixty Years of Modern Design by Jane King Hession, Rip Rapson, Bruce N. Wright. ISBN: 978-1-890434-14-4. $35
Ralph Rapson: Sixty Years, Special Edition. ISBN: 978-1-890434-15-1. $250
Richard F. Lack: Catalogue Raisonné 1943 – 1998 by Gary B. Christensen and Stephen A. Gjertson. ISBN: 978-1-890434-90-8. Out of Stock
Rufus at the Door and Other Stories (HC) by Jon Hassler. ISBN: 978-1-890434-28-1. $29
Seth Eastman: A Portfolio of North American Indians, ISBN: 978-0-9639338-4-3. $39 OUT OF STOCK
Small Town Minnesota: A to Z, ISBN: 978-1-890434-25-0. $24.95
Stillwater: Minnesota’s Birthplace (SC) by Patricia Condon Johnston. ISBN: 978-0-9639338-2-9. $22 OUT OF PRINT
The Beckoning Door by Mabel Seeley. ISBN: 978-1-890434-07-6. $24 OUT OF STOCK
The Chuckling Fingers by Mabel Seeley. ISBN: 978-1-890434-08-3. $24 OUT OF STOCK
The Crying Sisters by Mabel Seeley. ISBN: 978-1-890434-26-7. $24 OUT OF STOCK
The Gag Family: German-Bohemian Artists in America by Julie -L’Enfant. ISBN: 978-1890434-50-2. $35 OUT OF STOCK
The Good Path, ISBN: 978-1-890434-53-3. $17.95 OUT OF STOCK
The Grain Merchants: An Illustrated History of the Grain Exchange by Dave Kenney. ISBN: 978-1-890434-74-8. $40
The Whistling Shadow by Mabel Seeley. ISBN: 978-1-890434-16-8. $24 OUT OF STOCK
To Be Free: Understanding and Eliminating Racism by Thomas Peacock and Marlene Wisuri. ISBN: 978-1-890434-80-9. $24 OUT OF STOCK
Trails of a Paintbrush: An Artist’s Memoir by Nicholas R. Brewer. ISBN: 978-1-7361021-2-1. $29.95
Underground Christmas (HC) by Jon Hassler. ISBN: 978-1-890434-09-0. $15
Voyageur Skies: Weather and the Wilderness in Minnesota’s National Park by Mark Seeley and photographs by Don Brenneman. ISBN: 978-1-890434-82-3. $32
William Henry Meeker: His Book (HC) ISBN: 1-978-1-890434-92-2. $50.00 OUT OF STOCK