Jane's Parade Books: an imprint of AFTON PRESS

Introducing a new imprint from Afton Press! JANE’S PARADE BOOKS is creating and publishing inspirational and healing gift books for readers from all walks of life, and all ages.  If you or a loved one is fighting an illness, going through life changes, or just looking for a wonderful gift to inspire or be inspired, we hope that you will find a book from JANE’S PARADE a perfect fit.

The first book from JANE’S PARADE is I AM A WOMAN by Mary Sue Englund. Based on her celebrated song of the same name included on a CD in the back of the book. Click here to order and for more information!

JANE’S PARADE BOOKS is also donating books to hospitals, support groups, and venues that benefit from these inspirational and healing books.
Click here for the I AM A WOMAN GIFTING PROGRAM and how to donate.

I AM A WOMAN by Mary Sue Englund
“I am proud to be a woman and I am proud to be included in this wonderful book of inspirational women. I hope to always be an inspiration, not only to other women, but to the world. God Bless You, Mary Sue Englund. —Dolly Parton