Out of Dust: A True Story – Two Boys. Two Worlds. One God.

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By Gary Lindberg

Publication Date: Spring 2023

About the Book:

This is the extraordinary true story of two men from very different worlds. Daniel was born in a dusty, remote village in Ethiopia. Mike comes from a family of farmers in Minnesota. While one struggles to get an education, the other goes through a classic all-American childhood. Their worlds seem to have no common ground.

Daniel’s faith is reinforced by a mystical vision that helps him survive the brutal communist Derg revolution. He is sentenced to death eleven times for his faith but finally escapes to complete his education in the U.S. and become a pastor. His story is one of struggles, victory against adversities and hope for the future.

Halfway around the world in Minnesota, Mike finally escapes the dusty farm life to launch his own business. But the fast lane to success has tragic detours—alcohol and drugs. Addiction leads to divorce, heartbreaks and long weeks in rehab. Ironically, worldly success is also the reason for his fall from grace. In one devastating week, he loses his family and his house.

When Daniel and Mike fatefully meet in Seattle, they see in each other what is missing in their own lives. Together, they can help promote a positive message of peace and hope even in the darkest of times.

About the Author:

GARY LINDBERG has spent forty years as a filmmaker and the last ten years writing and publishing books. As an author, he has written four consecutive Amazon #1 bestselling novels: The Shekinah Legacy, Sons of Zadok, Deeper and Deeper and Ollie’s Cloud. As a filmmaker, he co-wrote and produced That Was Then, This Is Now, a Paramount feature film starring Emilio Estevez and Morgan Freeman. He has won over one hundred national and international awards for his work in media, including two Grand Awards from the New York International Film Festival.

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