Minnesota Impressionists


by Rena Neumann Coen

Foreword by William H. Gerdts

Dimensions: 10″ x 10 1/8″, 96 pages, 43 full color plates

HARDCOVER, CLOTH w/dustjacket

ISBN: 1-9639338-6-8

TREATING AN IMPORTANT and previously unexplored chapter in the history of Minnesota art, Minnesota Impressionists examines impressionist pictures painted in Minnesota from both a local and national perspective. Twenty-seven artists including Nicholas Brewer, Elizabeth Chant, and Alexis Jean Fournier and their paintings are addressed in separate essays, arranged alphabetically for easy reference.

In the footsteps of their french counterparts!


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2 reviews for Minnesota Impressionists

  1. 5 out of 5


    Wonderful to learn about the amazing talent. Minnesota has much to be proud of. Buy this book for a friend!

  2. 4 out of 5


    I was surprsied at just how much I enjoyed reading and looking through this book. I tend to think of impressionists as being the Monet, pastel ponds and lily-pads types of paintings, but some of these works were very moving.

    Outstanding to me were Brewer, Burton, Ericson, Fournier, Koehler, and Norstad. Their works were stong, moving, vibrant and full of the passion of the artist(s).

    That each of these artists had ties to Minnesota (my home state) made it all the more interesting. I know many of the areas that they painted.

    A rich book, well worth reading.

    Following is a list of artists in this book:

    Arthur R. Allie (1872-1953)
    Gertrude Barnes (1865-1926?)
    Nicholas Richard Brewer (1857-1949)
    Samuel Chatwood Burton (1881-1947)
    Elisabeth Augusta Chant (186-1947)
    Edwin M. Dawes (1872-1945)
    Axel David Erickson (1869-1946)
    Alexis Jean Fournier (1865-1948)
    Anton Gag (1859-1908)
    Herbjorn Gausta (1854-1924)
    Alexander Grinager (1865-1949)
    Sven August (Knute) Helder (1877-1952)
    Alice Hugy (1876-1971)
    Louise Kelly (?-1948)
    Robert Koehler (1850-1917)
    Alice Sumner Le Duc (1868-1962)
    Philipp Little (1857-1942)
    Clara Mairs (1878-1963)
    Homer Dodge Martin (1836-1897)
    Magnus Norstad (1884-?)
    Nathaniel Fousette-Dart (1886-1965)
    Carl Wendell Rawson (1884-1970)
    Clarence Clark Rosenkranz (1871-1959)
    Ada Augusta Wolfe (1878-1945)

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