By Tony Andersen

Foreword by Bill Holm

Dimensions: 8″ x 10″, 120 pages


ISBN: 978-1-890434-25-0

TONY ANDERSEN’S paean to small towns in his home state of Minnesota began as an exercise in photography. His goal was to photograph twenty-six randomly selected towns, one for each letter of the alphabet. His simple criteria was that these towns have a population of under one thousand and be evenly distributed throughout the state. Lugging a bunch of camera gear that included a stepladder, he planned to focus on buildings, not people. It wasn’t long before the locals approached to ask what he was doing.

“The friendly curiosity and subsequent generosity of the first few people I met so impressed me that I found myself rethinking the focus of my entire projects. Without exception, I was made to feel welcome in every town I visited. People I had just met took me into their homes, offering something to eat and drink. Mayors and maintenance workers unlocked ladders and allowed me to take pictures from high atop water towers and rooftops and grain elevators. Anglers took me out fishing, old-timers entertained me with stories and beer. I went to ballgames, drove a tractor, and attended a wedding reception.”

Tony found more than he expected in these small towns and he photographed it with great affection and understanding that grew steadily as he traveled from town to town: “Despite spending only a day or two in most of these towns, I came away with a profound appreciation not only of rural life but also of the kindness innate in all of us.”

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